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what is structural engineering

Karno Energy Structural Engineering Services

So what is that?

Structural engineering is a scientific (engineering) discipline that analyzes and predicts the properties of a structure based on the known properties of its components (structural elements).

For what purposes do our customers use our service?

Structural engineering can be used in the design of mechanical, aerospace and nanoscale structures, and can also be applied in medicine (for the manufacture of medical equipment, its design requires a deep understanding of structural engineering).

Structural engineering theory is based on applied physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural characteristics of various materials and geometries. Structural design uses a number of relatively simple structural elements to build complex structural systems. Design engineers are responsible for the creative and efficient use of tools, structural elements and materials to achieve these goals.

Associations with other construction areas.

As a branch of the construction business, structural engineering is associated with the design and construction of large buildings and structures (for example, bridges, factories, towers, stadiums). Here an list of thing that structural engineering tasks include, among other things, studying the properties of materials, assessing future structural loads and finding the most optimal balance between the architectural and functional benefits of a structure, as well as future maintenance and operating costs.

The vast majority of those working in this area are men.

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